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Head vecter - FUE at Athena Hair NowFUE Hair Transplant at Athena HairNow is an excellent solution to your hair loss problems. We have over 1100+ Happy Patients which prove that hair transplants work. Your own hair from the back of your head (which are resistant to hair loss) are extracted and transplanted to the balding area. The procedure is completely safe and natural hair growth takes place after the surgery.
hair vecte imager - FUE at Athena Hair NowHealthy follicles immune to the effects of D.H.T. are taken from the back or sides of the head and transplated to balding areas.

This method ensures your newly transplanted hairs are permanent.

Am I a candidate?

Athena doesn’t recommend hair transplant to every patient undergoing hair loss. We consider several factors such as:

  • How much hair loss has already taken place?
  • Are your expecations achieveable?
  • How is your donor area?

Best way to find out if you are a good candidate and if hair transplant can really work for you is to send/whatsapp us some pictures, a little medical and hair loss history and your expectations. Alternatively, you can also drop by our Chandigarh clinic or call us for a Free Consultation at +91-98721-45466 or 0172-5084614.

Don’t wait, so many of our patients wish they had come to us sooner!


At Athena HairNow, we take great care of each and every step of the hair transplant surgery. Pre-Surgery, during Surgery and Post-Surgery are given equal importance. Pre-Surgery and Surgery steps are detailed below.

Pre-Surgery Preparation

We recommend the patient takes a light breakfast the morning of the surgery. A typical surgery lasts about 10 hours, so the patient is requested to come around 8 am in the morning. Transplant procedures are done on outpatient basis and no hospitalization is required.
Patient is requested to change into surgery clothes and the area is prepared. Local anaesthesia is given which lasts about 5 hours. Patients do not feel any pain whatsoever; they generally fall asleep or read magazines and listen to music while the surgery is performed.

Pre-surgery photos are taken so that post-surgery results are rightly evaluated.

Surgery Procedure


Extraction ( Phase 1)

The hairline as desired by patient and as suggested by doctor (depending on various factors) is designed. Patient is seated on a comfortable, reclining OT bed in upside down position. The hair is trimmed (wherever required) and donor and recipient area is thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic. The surgeon then prepares the punch tool to extract each follicle individually from the donor area as shown in the diagram above. Each unit is extracted by hand and placed in a petri dish with a special saline liquid essential for survival of extracted follicles. The grafts are inspected using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes and are cleaned and stored.

Break & Refreshments/Lunch

After all the extraction, patient is given a break. You will be able to walk around, stretch your legs and use the washroom. Lunch from selection of local restaurants will be provided.

One of the technicians will prepare the OT for second phase of the surgery.

Implantation ( Phase 2)

Recipient sites are created using lateral-slit technique, pioneered by Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu. This is the only technique that mimics the natural distribution and alignment of hair. The surgeon implants the extracted follicles in the recipient area. The extracted follicles are then carefuly inserted in the created incisions in the recipient site.

After the hair transplant procedure is complete, you will be provided a post-operative care package. This includes medications, special instructions and other things to make sure your post-operative period goes as smoothly as possible. You will be provided a hotline number of one of our technicians whom you can call anytime in case of any questions or concerns.

Implantation img - FUE at Athena Hair Now

1100+ Happy Patients | Amazing Results

Results1 2 - FUE at Athena Hair NowResults2 2 - FUE at Athena Hair Now

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At Athena Hair Now, we give paramount importance to natural, guaranteed results. We have the highest hair transplant skills with award wining doctor and trained technicians. Athena Hair Now has performed over 1100 hair transplants and won several awards. Check out our amazing, authentic and natural results!

Real Patients Real Results

At Athena Hair Now hair restoration, our focus is YOU and your RESULTS. Browse our hair transplant
before and after pictures to see what Athena Hair Now can deliver.
Truly astounding natural results.






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