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Moustache & Beard Transplant Chandigarh

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The moustache or beard transplant is performed for men who have lost some hair on the goatee, the moustache or the sideburns. Normally, the hair loss is spotty or patchy. This is usually due to a number of factors. For example, it could be hereditary or the result of scalding, burns or even infection. Some male prefer a full-grown moustache for a number of reasons. For some, it is a symbol of manhood. Some, on the other hand, simply prefer “the look” with a full moustache. There can also be religious reasons that require a man to grow a full beard. Whatever your motivations, you can get expert beard and moustache transplant procedures at the Athena Hair Now clinic in Chandigarh under the safe and experienced beard transplant doctor  “Harmandeep Sidhu”.

How a moustache and a beard transplant is done

Unlike other transplants, moustache and beard transplant seems to be the easiest and results are found faster than the rest. In most cases, this procedure is done through grafting. One or two hair is pulled from below the skin from the back of the scalp. The beard and moustache hair normally grows one by one unlike the head where they grow in threes. After the hair has been found a step by step procedure of putting one hair at a time is followed. This procedure may take approximately two to four hours depending on several factors. It makes use of the same FUE techniques used in other forms of hair transplants where hair follicles are harvested in hair rich donor areas and then transplanted to the patchy or spotty areas of your face that needs the transplant. This is a very delicate procedure and you will obviously need the best dermatologist handling the surgical procedure. The transplanted hair will grow naturally in a matter of weeks. Because the donor area is hair-rich, it recovers quickly after the grafting process and the hair grows more naturally.

Advantages of a beard and moustache transplant

  • One of the main reasons why most men opt for the moustache and beard transplant is to get a more natural and manly look. Most of these men have had some hair loss hence they want to replace it.
  • The other advantage is that it has a very low infection risk. From the start of the procedure till full recovery, Dr. Sidhu’s team makes sure that the patient is properly counseled and free of any infections. After full recovery the patient is assured they can shave their moustache or beard normally, and hair will still grow back.

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