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Eyebrow Hair Transplant Chandigarh

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It is obvious that every person wants a beautiful face and it is highlighted by well arched eyebrows that frame the face. But some people are not that lucky and need some help to set it right. However, it is now easy to obtain a perfect arch with the help of cosmetic surgery.

What is Eyebrow Reconstruction?

Loss of hair or scarce eyebrows can result due to hormonal disturbances, over plucking, electrolysis, trauma or low thyroid. In certain cases it may occur due to genetics. Whatever the reason, it is essential to rectify the fault and get the beautiful face that you desire. Doctor uses constructive facial plastic surgery to graft hair one by one by making a precise angled cut using tiny 0.5 mm blades. There are as many as 50 to 350 grafts made for each eyebrow. This process of giving a “new life” to your eyebrows is termed as eyebrow reconstruction or restoration.

What is the procedure for eyebrow reconstruction?

The recipient sites should be carefully prepared by making incisions as flat and close to the surface of skin as possible, so that the implanted hair lie flat and grow close to the skin, giving a very natural look to the face. Another important aspect to be noted is that unlike other transplants, eyebrow restoration process needs a single follicle to be inserted at a time instead of a group.

Thus it is essential to separate individual follicle from a tuft of 1 to 4 follicular units. The hairs need to be rotated to follow the direction of the natural curve of the brow. The transplanted graft should trace the natural direction of hair. The upper layer should point out and downward and the lower layer should be out and upward, thus creating an interlocking arch that defines a natural shape of the brow and gives it fullness.

Advantages of having eyebrow reconstruction

Having fuller, well arched eyebrows not only give a face a well defined look, but they also act as protective bridge over eyes. Eyebrow hairs protect the eyelashes and eyes from forehead perspiration. If due to certain reasons the eyebrows have scanty hair growth, then by corrective measures like eyebrow replanting, the fuller arch can be achieved.

With so many eyebrow hair transplant doctor at Athena Hair Now at Chandigarh, it is not difficult to get the desired effect and boost self confidence. If eyes are the window of the soul, eyebrows are arches of expression. Movements of the eyebrows speak volumes about an individual’s moods. Hence, it is necessary to have well defined and elegantly curved eyebrows.

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